Workshop/Master class (November 15th, 2019) – “EIM® – IRMS/SIRA – Mass spectrometry of isotope ratio of light elements: a new stage in the development of the methodological base for research and quality

SG Isotech held the first practical workshop on the EIM-IRMS concept within the framework of the II International Scientific conference “Harmonization of approaches to pharmaceutical development (PharmDevelopment-2019)” held at RUDN University in Moscow, Russian Federation.

The workshop was attended by representatives of Russian customs, inspections, representatives of wine producers, forensic centers, banks. During the workshop, participants were able to become more familiar with the details related to the EIM-IRMS concept and to be better informed about current trends in food authentication. Participants were also able to look at EIM-IRMS equipment pre-installed in the laboratory and ask questions that were relevant to them.