Support for Certification Audit Services

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Authenticity control testing which we provide can be used as a support for certification audit services covering GFSI, IFS, BCR Global, GLOBAL G.A.P. standards and etc.

The ever-increasing complexity of the food supply chain translates to ever-increasing levels of risk, challenging an organization’s ability to satisfy its customers in terms of quality, safety, integrity and continuity. The key to successful management of a resilient Food Safety process in ensuring that all supply chain risk management factors are encompassed within a comprehensive programme, including the increasingly important areas of responsible sourcing, the environment and sustainability. With ANA LAB expertise, we can make a difference for your business. Your success in food safety and food quality certification is our top priority. The goal of ANA LAB authenticity testing laboratory is to provide our customers with the best possible support and services in certification protocols and audits.

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