Strong Spirits Authenticity Testing

The process of production of fruit brandies and other alcoholic spirits can be characterized as very complex!

Distillation, viewed from the perspective of isotopic chemistry, is a complex process that changes the raw material, which comes out completely different! The same applies to the aging of distillates, as well as to the mixing and finalization of alcoholic beverages.

There are many counterfeits of original brands on the market, and talking about the authenticity and originality of the product, i.e. whether a certain brandy is an original product that came from a certain cellar of a legal producer, is becoming more and more interesting to end consumers. From a legal point of view, this is also very important when the inspection initiates misdemeanor proceedings (court proceedings) against a legal producer, because in that case there is analytical evidence whether the drink really came from the basement of a legal producer or is a counterfeit of the original brand.

What does it mean to detect the authenticity and originality of product?

In the production process of fruit brandies, after the end of finalization which includes cold stabilization, blending the distillate, reduction of the alcohol volume to a specified value, and so on; prior to filling of alcoholic beverage into the bottles, by taking a representative sample of produced batch it is possible to determine the isotope fingerprint of products which is unique only to that produced quantity and which in no way can be falsified by any technological process! This isotopic fingerprint does not change over time and it represents a fingerprint that can detect counterfeits of original brands on the market!

This is a very strong weapon for the fight against illegal production on the domestic market, because every original bottle which was previously fingerprinted and which recicled bottle was used for counterfeiting will be detected as such and removed from the market, thus opening space for the expansion of legal production and controlled and legal products and protect legal producers.

Strong spirits testing solution:

⦾ Generating  “fingerprint” of  strong spirits product


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